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Goose Bumps

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Experience the exhilarating sensation with our "Goose Bumps" unisex sweatshirt/t-shirt! Crafted from premium 100% cotton in a soft and comfortable style, this garment is designed to capture the excitement and anticipation of the moment.

Our design features the electrifying phrase "Goose Bumps," printed with eco-friendly water-based ink on high-quality fabric. Whether you're embracing the thrill of a suspenseful story or relishing in an exciting adventure, this piece serves as a reminder to embrace life's thrilling moments.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Sensational Message: Our sweatshirt/t-shirt celebrates the electrifying moments that send shivers down your spine, reminding you to savor the excitement and anticipation of life's adventures.

  2. Premium Comfort: Made from luxurious 100% cotton, our sweatshirt/t-shirt ensures unparalleled comfort for all-day wear, keeping you cozy and stylish as you experience life's thrills.

  3. High-Quality Printing: Printed with water-based ink, our design boasts vibrant colors and a durable print that will withstand the test of time, ensuring your excitement remains palpable with each wear.

  4. Versatile Style: Available in a unisex style, you can choose between a sweatshirt or t-shirt to suit your preference and lifestyle, ensuring the perfect fit for every thrill-seeker.

  5. Local Craftsmanship: Each garment is carefully crafted and shipped from sunny South Florida, supporting local artisans and adding a personal touch to your purchase.

Experience the thrill of life's adventures with our "Goose Bumps" sweatshirt/t-shirt – a thrilling and exhilarating addition to your wardrobe that celebrates the excitement of the moment. Choose your style and let the adventure begin!

  • Easy Care

    Cold wash and low dry, inside out preferred. Avoid bleach and direct sunlight when drying.


    All sweatshirts and t-shirts are unisex, true to size fits. Options with baby/kid's sizing have the sizing chart in the pictures above.

  • 5 Star Feedback

    Trusted by thousands for amazing prints and quality. Everything is inspected by our quality control team before it goes out.